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Welcome to the 3d world of turbocad

Before you go dashing through this Blog please remember the images here are not photographs, They are created with turbocad 2d 3d design software. Just to make things more interesting the file which comes with the drawing can be used to make each component via a CAM program and is an extremely powerful tool.
Once done in Turbocad the components can be made again and again with no extra cost.
Always back your drawings up of course and you have it forever.
Another useful little trick is that once you have the scaling factor three clicks of the tab button and you can make a bigger component.
Is it easy to learn. ?
No it bloody well is not but if an old demolition contractor can learn it anyone can.
Some of the items on here are just doodles which I do in my spare time, I think you will quickly see which they are.
The others are serious data to make just about anything you want.

Side view

Fitted to the first long reach 70 tonne cat in the uk

Isometric view