Thursday, 10 September 2009

Some 3d graphics for you

3d graphics are not really my bag but thought I would do a small collection and hopefully add to it as I go on.Its not that I do not like 3d graphics I absolutely love them takes me off somewhere else if you see what I mean, anybody want's to contribute knock yourselves out you can put your own credits on as well. Turbocad has an extensive materials package which involves hundreds of different textures from metals to wood to plastics too many to mention, Just a couple of mouse clicks on the properties tab and you can apply virtually any material you wan't to your design, Lights can be turned on and there are dozens of different settings for these including spots,ambient,headlights and whole raft of other settings rendering with lightworks is a doddle so lets get started and do some graphic stuff some of it you may of seen before just putting it all in one place.

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