Saturday, 15 May 2010

Thou shalt not burn books

It was about this time that religion got to grips with me again. I received my free copy of the gideons testament. Do not ask me what it is but I always assumed it was some sort of charitable trust that gave bibles out but do not really know.
It occurred to me that the wafer thin pages of said religious text would make ideal cigarette rolling papers coupled with the gum from prisoners letters I started my first production run with much gusto.
All was going fine until like a drug dealer starts using his stock I started lighting up at night with the inevitable consequence of old scar face catching me and pointing out the error of my ways.
Time to sell my shares in stugod's lites and let some other mug take some flack.
If you were really good you get the average cigarette down to roughly the same size as a matchstick and are still known today as an Armley special. "Armley being Leeds prison"
Anyway smoking is bad for you especially if you get caught by a screw.

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  1. Hi Stuart, you gave me a chuckle … cigarette rolling papers, gum from prisoners letters? Hope you're the Stugod that left the comment on my "VAT article." I wanted to thank you…

    All the best - Maxi