Monday, 14 September 2009

early days

Ok do a bit of typing now ,why am i bumping my gums about turbo cad well this blog is not my usual sort of work but turbo cad can still be used for 3d graphics work, If you have seen some of my other stuff you will already know that i used to manufacture construction equipment as well as being a demolition contractor for twenty years, So a bit of an all rounder type. Reason well my old man was a construction plant manager as well as being a cpc holder (transport manager), hgv,s. So pretty much all my life i have been involved in diggers trucks and the like and i am certainly passionate about it, It has given me a reasonable income for most of my life and to be honest demolition is still the only industry where you can go from zero to thousands of pounds in a matter of weeks (no bull). So why are you messing about with turbocad ? Well computers are the future i suppose most people have known that for a long time but some industries think it does not apply to them ...well they are wrong ,Most of them anyway, Looking back it did not make a lot of difference to my career i would never have had the time to learn it during my youth i was under a digger taking an engine out when i was twelve years old every weekend or school holiday was spent like this and loved everyday of it, Trouble on the horizon sixteen years old and i was going on thirty (honest) been around blokes in a working environment from such an early age is not to be recommended but i would not change a single day, Started to attend college day release from work ,Waste of time i already knew it all, well nearly all and the teacher knew it too this led one day to some fisty cuffs and teach lost so after a quick jog around the classroom with arms aloft it was time to leave, A short college career, But it did not matter because i already had the skills to get by, WARNING if you are young very few of you will have what i considered a luxury of earning these skills going into working life, Another WARNING once into a working life it will be very difficult for you to learn something like a cad program ok i am talking from a layman's perceptive no doubt some of you egg heads will learn it in a week "NOT" anyway going grab a coffee and will post some more later


  1. Wouldn't want to get in a scrap with the Stugod!

    You went all Rocky on the teach it sounds like.

    I enjoyed reading about your history!


  2. I know somone who went through CAD training about 10 years ago. He found it to be very difficult. I don't know if the graduated from the program. I doubt it. He was a dufuss, with no insight.

  3. hi trish as far as i know there is no formal qualification for cad as there is so much out there but maybe testing on individual software, Also grants available in the uk