Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ears to you

Well a new arrival with what can only be described as a mop stuck on his head, Well the screws soon relieved him of his mop only to reveal the biggest pair of ears I have ever seen in my life "no bull". Now this poor sucker was in for purgery and was not really suited to this environment. basically he had lied under oath to get a mate out of a hole and was living to regret it.
Well you would not believe it but he got out on appeal very soon afterwards and was whistling his way to freedom.
Bad ear day, Well guess who is back JUMBO but something does not look right. ?
He has only super glued his ears to his head and one observant screw has spotted the amateur cosmetic surgery and marches him off to the hospital wing for correction of another sort.
So after a brief visit to the doctors scalpel his ears are back in all there glory but with one added feature they were purple due to the iodine that the doc had applied rather liberally, Now you have all heard the saying "you had to be their" Well you really did have to be their for this one, To me he looked like a catholic FA CUP if you can make the link between the Catholicism and the colour of purple you will get the idea.
Well it killed another day and was not at my expense for a change so put down as a good day.

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