Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Hanging out with the guys

In my brief trip to one dorm the guy in the next bed decided to hang himself without much success,It was the middle of the night and no one heard him and do not know to this day why, it was rumoured that he was getting ribbed about his girl friend as she was a stunner and he was a hunchback, Well he was no hunchback but did stoop a bit.
The screws in there wisdom decided that me, the guy at the other side of his bed and the guy opposite be hauled up in front of the governor and questioned about the incident.
I had never even spoke to him, Ok maybe casually and was rightly indignant again.
The incident blew over and I got a job cleaning offices which was not a bad number.
Now the governor smoked three five cigarette,s and so did I by default of course. Ignition was bit tricky but whoever invented the sanitary towel incinerator was a good egg in my book this was placed in the ladies visitors toilets. And I finally came a cropper when one screw discovered me with my head stuck in the letter box type opening of the said tampon destructor.
So off to the farm for me and potato planting which I was an expert in as described earlier.
More lost remission for the smoking routine and if this carried on I would be spending christmas in this gaff and that was not the desired result.

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