Monday, 5 October 2009

Chief Inspector cluless

Now about this time I had to go in front of a panel of chief inspectors , Regarding the cop and the window shopping event.
So armed with thirteen witness statements "unlucky number" That saw the entire incident and the following attempt at removing my testicle,s which was only a partial success, the right one still has the texture of a walnut.
The chief "white washer" Asked me the question what would I have done if I had been in the same position and it had been one of my mates.
I replied that he was a cop and was paid to take risks and Knew that when he joined up.
I was just a bystander caught up in events, Ok I intervened in a domestic so I suppose I got what was coming, anyway the upshot of it all was I got told to go xuck myself and that was the end of the Super Simons window shopping event.
I think Super Simons have gone now but not sure.
well about this time I received another 3 months prison for the cost of the shop window but soon learnt that the sentence was to run at the same time so no extra time involved phew.


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