Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Sex education and VD

Another piss take this one sex education was taught by a drop dead gorgeous chick who,s name escapes me I never listened to what she said just gazed at her. Some smart alec in the home office must of thought it would be a good idea to send a cute chick into a nick with 2,000 young and and frustrated men and I suppose she did a good job unrolling durex,s and explaining the various methods of use. On a personal note I think she must of had a screw loose or be some sort of attention grabbing fruit loop.
It was about this time that the prison doc said I had to go to Wakefield vd clinic so a taxi was sent and I was despatched with two screws, On arrival they chained me to a radiator and disappeared for a brew, The assembled dross looked at me as double dirty as I was chained up and unclean, I threw my nastiest snarl back as I was a bit defenceless due to the bracelet,s Still had my size twelve s though anyway turns out I had a urine infection and no big deal so felt superior to the other customers and it showed on my face when I was escorted out.

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