Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Circuit Training

Well which ever sadistic bxxxxxd thought this up want,s fxxxxxxg physical education of an extreme nature three types of circuit training green yellow and red the idea was that as you got fitter you went onto a different colour.
which involved more and more physical exertion, I have never seen so much vomit in one place not even on my stag do.
As an added bonus a new game was invented called get the xucker off the mat and I was not going to be moved from the mat and enjoyed great success at it, a few weeks later some stick insect got on the mat and as I made my way over to remove him he grabbed my shirt fell over backwards and kicked me 15 feet in the air and when I landed I could barely see the mat from where I was the toe rag did a little bow forward in the traditional martial arts style and walked off. Now I know what you are thinking but forget it as it has never been repeated to this day as I tend to stalk potential adversaries now so there

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